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                                Terrorists like to travel. Terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda depend on travel, said Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator1 for Counterterrorism Nathan Sales to Trans-Atlantic alliance partners at a recent conference hosted by the German Marshall Fund. They have to travel to receive training. They have to travel to case their targets. They have to travel to carry out their attacks. Every time they board a plane or cross a border, we have an opportunity to detect and capture them.

                                恐怖分子喜欢四处游荡。像IS和基地组织这样的恐怖组织,其生存的前提就是四处游荡,负责反恐事务的无任所大使兼协调员南森 赛尔斯(Nathan Sales)在面向跨太平洋联盟伙伴时如是说道,当时是在最近由德国马歇尔基金举办的一次会议上??植婪肿右拇τ蔚床拍艿玫窖盗?,才能包围目标,才能进行袭击。所以,只要他们登上飞机或者穿越边境的时候,我们都有机会侦查到其存在,并对其进行缉拿。

                                When ISIS attempted to create a physical Caliphate, an unprecedented2 number of foreign terrorist fighters – roughly 40,000 people – flocked to the war zone in Syria and Iraq. And now that we've liberated3 some 98 percent of the territory ISIS once held, there's a risk that some of these battle-hardened veterans will return home or relocate to third countries.


                                To identify terrorists or suspicious persons hiding among international travelers, the United States uses PNR, or Passenger Name Records, to search out those who may pose a threat and should be prioritized for additional screening. PNR is information provided by passengers and collected by air carriers for enabling reservations and carrying out the check-in process.


                                In December 2017, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2396, which, among other things, obliges all UN Member States to develop the capability4 to collect, process, and analyze5 PNR to limit terrorist travel.


                                The United States applauds the passage of Resolution 2396, and is prepared to help other countries implement6 their obligations to develop PNR systems. So we will continue to push for fast and full implementation7 of Resolution 2396 and to highlight the value of PNR. We will also share our PNR system with any country that wants it.


                                And we will work with the International Civil Aviation Organization to establish appropriate Standards and Recommended Practices for PNR.


                                The United States and the nations of Europe are strategic partners on virtually every major issue of the day. Indeed, more than partners – allies and friends. Nowhere is this transatlantic synergy more apparent than in our joint8 struggle against global terrorism, said Ambassador Sales.


                                We share the same values, we share the same interests, and we share the same enemies. In short, we're in this together. There's a lot of work ahead of us in the fight against terrorism. Only by facing it together can we win.



                                1 coordinator Gvazk6     
                                • The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, headed by the Emergency Relief Coordinator, coordinates all UN emergency relief. 联合国人道主义事务协调厅在紧急救济协调员领导下,负责协调联合国的所有紧急救济工作。
                                • How am I supposed to find the client-relations coordinator? 我怎么才能找到客户关系协调员的办公室?
                                2 unprecedented 7gSyJ     
                                • The air crash caused an unprecedented number of deaths.这次空难的死亡人数是空前的。
                                • A flood of this sort is really unprecedented.这样大的洪水真是十年九不遇。
                                3 liberated YpRzMi     
                                • The city was liberated by the advancing army. 军队向前挺进,解放了那座城市。
                                • The heat brings about a chemical reaction, and oxygen is liberated. 热量引起化学反应,释放出氧气。
                                4 capability JsGzZ     
                                • She has the capability to become a very fine actress.她有潜力成为杰出演员。
                                • Organizing a whole department is beyond his capability.组织整个部门是他能力以外的事。
                                5 analyze RwUzm     
                                vt.分析,解析 (=analyse)
                                • We should analyze the cause and effect of this event.我们应该分析这场事变的因果。
                                • The teacher tried to analyze the cause of our failure.老师设法分析我们失败的原因。
                                6 implement WcdzG     
                                • Don't undertake a project unless you can implement it.不要承担一项计划,除非你能完成这项计划。
                                • The best implement for digging a garden is a spade.在花园里挖土的最好工具是铁锹。
                                7 implementation 2awxV     
                                • Implementation of the program is now well underway.这一项目的实施现在行情看好。
                                8 joint m3lx4     
                                • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
                                • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
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